31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 3: Favorite Quote

“It’s so CRAZY it might just work.”

This quote may not be famous, but it is a longtime favorite of mine and a regular in our household.

It is very useful when talking someone in to doing something that is not necessarily in their comfort zone.

Take this photo, for example:


I was 17 years old when this was taken, years before the artist became Aaron Ziltener Photography.

I was not the kind of girl who sat for photo shoots, or wore makeup, or drank martinis, or smoked cigarettes.

His mom designed the set, including this fabulous Sprite and cocktail onion martini and a QVC dazzler as my wedding ring.

It was so crazy it worked, and I will always love this photo.

The phrase also works well when you know you are possibly getting in over your head but want to do it anyway. Example:

“Can I schedule 2 kids for dance classes AND a soccer practice between school and dinner time, every week for 10 weeks?” — “It’s so crazy it might just work.” (And it did.)

Life changes can also result from using this phrase:

“Would it be a good idea to quit my comfortable position as a staff physical therapist, start my own business on a shoestring, and create a thriving new model for healing through awareness, movement skills, and self compassion?” You know, it’s SO CRAZY IT MIGHT JUST WORK!

It can also be phrased as a question:

“Would it be crazy…?”

This is useful for kids too. For example, “Would it be crazy to have a piece of Halloween candy with my breakfast?” or “Would it be crazy to be an art teacher and a ballet teacher and a doctor and a mom?”

Other quotes we love:

“Oh I would sure appreciate it.”

“Eat up, Buttercup.”

“While you’re on your tootsies…” (will you get me something?)


Do you have any “famous quotes” in your family? Share with us in the comments!

Tomorrow: What Am I Afraid Of?

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4 replies
  1. John
    John says:

    I was wondering about this photo… I was stunned to see a smoke in your hand. That seemed soooo out of character, and now I know why. 🙂 This blog thing is an interesting insight into your world. Are you enjoying the process? Will you continue, once the 31 days are over ?

    • Jeni Gall
      Jeni Gall says:

      Hi John – Yes this process has been interesting. I will continue to share parts of my story when this is over, but probably more relevant to my path through injuries and how this has informed my abilities as a provider. – Jeni


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