31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 11: Fifteen Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things:

1. These lovelies top the list

Jeni and kids for blog

Here we are on December 24 in Minneapolis, with Mr. Dirt Snowman.

There is truly nothing more amazing, exhilarating, exhausting, soul filling, or sleep stealing than raising kids.

2. This guy is pretty high up on the list, too.

alex for blog

At Lapella in September, for our 9th wedding anniversary.

Since 1999, Alex Gall has been my partner in crime. (He came with an amazing family, too. Lucky me.)


jeni sunshine

Here I am basking in the Texas sun in November, collecting some to take back to Washington state.

4. COFFEE! (Or any warm drink in a cup, but especially coffee.)

jeni coffee

Bottoms up!

More things I love, in no particular order:

5. Good food. Grocery shopping (especially at Chuck’s Produce.) Eating. 


I can’t say enough about being in the water, and have known how to swim since as long as I can remember. We NEVER go on vacation or road trips without our swimming suits, just in case opportunity strikes. I was racing in the pool in grade school for Parkrose Swim Club, competed in freestyle and backstroke in high school, and am now raising little fish so we can all enjoy the water together. (My son swam the length of Grandma and Grandpa’s condo pool this week – a true milestone and proud moment for mama. He was born in the water, so he is a natural.)

7. Reading.

I have loved reading for as long as I can remember. Books, magazines, newspapers, medical journals, anything… Lucky for me, the love of books runs deep in the Gall family, so I fit right in. While on this Christmas vacation, I have started and finished 2 novels in 5 days. AHHHHHHHHH. Happiness.

8. Thai Food.

I love food in general, but Thai cuisine deserves a special category. Myriad flavors, spices, lots of veggies, rice. Oh heaven.


I am totally stoked to get in bed every night. If only the actual sleep part came more easily…

10. Teaching.

I am beyond grateful to my mentors, Julie and Gordon Browne, for inviting me to teach at the professional level for Therapeutic Movement Seminars. I am never more in my Physical Therapy and nerdiness element than when holding court in the classroom.

11. Yoga.

I took my first yoga class from Holiday Johnson at Portland State University in the Fall of 2006. It was a PE class, and took place in the men’s wrestling room. I was hooked, and have maintained some level of a personal practice ever since. My yoga journey has informed and inspired my Physical Therapy practice, and this class was one of the key pivotal moments in my growing up and choosing a professional path.

12. People watching.

Airports are especially enjoyable, and with all the teaching and family vacations, I get a lot of airport time these days. Humans are SO fascinating

13. Alone time.

This is a MUST in my life, and I will admit I get more than a little cranky when I can’t sneak away to recharge.

14. The Voice.

This is probably the only “show” my husband and I have ever followed as a couple. What talent! What positivity! (And they have Adam Levine… just sayin’).

15. Vacations!

Going on trips and taking time off is a core family value in my house, and one I hope to instill in my children. My kiddos have been on countless airplanes and road trips, so this love of travel should be a natural as they grow.

In my opinion, life is not worth living without travel, exploration, and fun. Before I became my own boss (a boss that INSISTS on vacations, of course), I would have quit a job over denied vacation time. No joke! If you work all the time – PLEASE GO ON VACATION AND DON’T FEEL GUILTY.


Jeni Gall

P.S. Merry Christmas!




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