31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 19: What I Collect

I will admit it — I, Jeni Gall, have a collection of roosters.

It started out innocently – Moving in to my house, and casually mentioning to two girlfriends and my mom that “this type of kitchen could use a rooster collection”.

Over the past 5 years, I have been gifted 5 roosters (all fabulous pieces of art, of course) and have purchased this Kauai Rooster from a local artist, Linda Raven Brake.


Kauai rooster, kid art, and me.

I also collect:

Books, magazines, and journals. I am an avid reader – novels, neuroscience and medical references, movement and fitness textbooks, The Columbian, and magazines (Yoga Journal, Men’s Health, The Atlantic, Cook’s Illustrated, Mindful, and Paleo Magazine to name a few favorites). I am raising readers so I can feed my bookstore and library addiction; my kids and I can often be found at the Barnes and Noble by Vancouver Mall, or hitting up Thatcher’s Coffee at Fort Vancouver Regional Library.

Paper. Notepads, post-it notes, saved articles, mail, receipts, punch cards, art projects and decorations produced by my children. How does this stuff accumulate so quickly?

Good quality boots. I am very particular about the shoes I wear. I will rarely deviate from comfort but get tired of the same old “orthopedic shoes” sold everywhere around town. Boots are my signature way around this fashion-vs-comfort conundrum: riding boots, cowgirl boots, chukka/desert boots, high heel booties, biker boots – with 9 months of Northwest wet weather, a girl can get pretty far in boots.

What do you collect?


Up next: Ten Favorite Foods

Thank you  —  Jeni Gall






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