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31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 25: Five Favorite Blogs

5 Blogs I Love Right Now: Scientific American. With names like Beautiful Minds, Anthropology in Practice, Frontiers for Young Minds, and Food Matters, the extensive Scientific American blog (31 categories!) sucks me in every time. The website also includes a plethora of information on Sciences, Health, Technology, Sustainability, and Education, as well as videos, podcasts, […]

31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 22: Best Thing to Happen This Year

My most significant professional growth to date has been in this past year. The BEST thing was beginning to teach at the professional level for Therapeutic Movement Seminars. Between January 2013 and November 2014, I participated in an advanced training program under the mentorship of Gordon Browne, Physical Therapist and long-time continuing education instructor, and […]

Save Your Shoulders: Notes from Movement Lab Session 1

MovePT Movement Labs presents: Shoulder Injuries and Performance Session One of Four: Tuesday, January 5   The first session in this 4-week Movement Lab series was all about NOTICING. What makes your symptoms appear? Act up the worst? Settle down or completely disappear? What are your limitations? What causes you pain? Are there things you […]

31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 19: What I Collect

I will admit it — I, Jeni Gall, have a collection of roosters. It started out innocently – Moving in to my house, and casually mentioning to two girlfriends and my mom that “this type of kitchen could use a rooster collection”. Over the past 5 years, I have been gifted 5 roosters (all fabulous pieces […]