31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 6: My Five Senses

What if I were to dive in to a meditation session right in the middle of a GVCC Leads and Needs networking event?


Wouldn’t that be crazy?

I would HEAR Hellos, High Fives, good jokes, not-so-good jokes, and some genuine excitement about tax accounting.

I would SEE name tags, Golden Tickets, hugs, and some Rock Stars on the microphone.

I would TASTE black coffee and cantaloupe.

I would SMELL muffins, Christmas wreaths, my favorite perfume (Tom Ford Velvet Orchid), and black coffee.

I would FEEL the energy of a great big group, the nerves of doing a 15 second introduction, and perhaps a little awkward for doing something like meditating in the middle of a meeting.

I would also feel my stomach rumbling from choosing only black coffee and cantaloupe.


Stay tuned tomorrow: PET PEEVES

Jeni Gall



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