31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 7: My Pet Peeves

Day 7: Pet Peeves.

Gotta tread lightly on a subject like this one.

First off, a nod to my husband. He has this habit of leaving the cabinets and drawers open, and I mean ALL THE TIME! It makes me crazy. I have counted 12 sitting open at one time!

I also get peeved by open cereal boxes sitting on the counter after breakfast.

pet peeves

Photo Credit: Alex Gall     What a good sport!

Other Peeves:

It really bugs me when people don’t stick to their plans. If you commit to something, unless you are legitimately derailed by accident, illness, or injury, then stay committed and show up!

I get annoyed by children’s menus at nearly all restaurants. Chicken strips, burgers, mac and cheese – same old boring stuff all over town. Can’t we expect our kids to eat better than this? I long for the option to order half portions at kid prices from the regular menu. Or at least more green stuff on the plate, which kids do like.

I can’t stand how every light turns red when I am trying to get somewhere quickly.

This could get too easy. Let’s quit while I’m ahead.


Up next: The Contents of My Handbag. 

Thanks for reading!

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