31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 10: Best Physical Feature

Always an interesting question, as I tend to shy away from complimenting myself.

So what will it be?

Jeni blog post

I’m gonna go with my hands.

I have strong, capable, warm, and intuitive hands.

When I was in my doctorate program for Physical Therapy, I earned a reputation among the teaching staff as having some of the best “touch skills” in my class. No effort needed; it just came naturally.

I believe that touch is key to being a skilled healthcare professional, and have used my confidence in connecting with others (quite literally) to encourage relaxation and trust.

Other reasons I like my hands:

My nails NEVER break! Seriously. They are strong, clear, shiny, and healthy. Hooray!

My husband says he first fell in love because A) I can drive a stick shift  B) I can “haul” and carry heavy stuff and C) “I have good hands.” Not sure what this means, but I like it 🙂

Hands have a story to tell. Every sun spot, scar, and wrinkle is uniquely mine.

I love watches, rings, and bracelets more than any other jewelry. Decorations for the hands!

Runners Up: My heart, because of course if keeps me alive. My shoulders, which are broad and highlight my good posture. My smile, which I have always been self conscious about but has probably fueled the most frequent compliments from others.


Thanks for playing!

Tomorrow: What’s In My Fridge?

Til then, with love,

Jeni Gall


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