31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 14: If I Won the Lottery…

(Lucky) Day 14: If I Won the Lottery

As soon as that oversized check cleared, I would be heading for the sunny skies, sandy beaches, and coral reefs of Australia.

From there, I would probably have the strength to make decisions regarding my riches  —

In researching this post, I Googled “top lotto drawings” and this is what  I learned: Powerball is the top estimated jackpot of $334 million dollars (next drawing January 6) and our own Washington State Lottery estimated jackpot is $4.5 million (next drawing January 4).

For fun, I looked up the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot : 1 in 175,223,510. For 11 things more likely to happen than winning the lottery, check out this NBC News article from 2012.

Since I can’t comprehend a number like $334 million, I’ll happily imagine winning the $4.5 Million WA lotto:

  1. Settle in for long and luxurious Australia/New Zealand vacation with the family.
  2. While on this fabulous trip, I will order a perfect martini, pull out my checkbook, and write fat checks to the following:
    1. Graduate school loans. Yep, I still have debt from PT school. The education was worth it, but OH how lovely it would be to say goodbye to this financial chapter of my life.
    2. Our Mortgage, down to zero.
    3. Large contributions to our College Savings Plans for Kid 1 and Kid 2.
    4. A gorgeous and practical Audi Q5 Hybrid, or maybe a cute convertible Audi TT Roadster.
    5. My mom’s Maui ohana (guest house) so she can work less, finally hit the beach with regularity, and continue to host us Galls on our annual visit.
    6. Funding the non-profit Mastering Pain Institute.
    7. Family ski passes for Mount Hood Meadows AND Timberline.
    8. 2 years’ rent and basic expenses for MovePT Headquarters – so I can do my thing and worry less.
  3. Once home, I would plan quarterly Epic Vacations for the family, and institute a minimum 8 weeks of travel every year forever. First Year Picks: GREECE (definitely on my bucket list), Japan (my 7 year old’s dream destination), France (husband’s pick), and probably Disneyland or a Disney cruise (for our fancy 4 year old). 
  4. Next, I would invest a healthy chunk in moving MovePT forward.
  5. Finally, I would do the usual things: Give some away, invest in our house, take friends to dinner, buy boots, and contribute mightily to our retirement fund.

Since my chances of winning the lottery are less than my chances of becoming President of the United States, I’m not counting on a win. Still super fun to imagine spending all that money though!


A recent selfie on Maui, while dreaming of the Southern hemisphere.

Next Time: Top of My Bucket List

See you then – Jeni Gall



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