31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 15: My Typical Day…

Let’s Play a Game!

Can you guess what is TYPICAL for me?

A. When I wake up in the morning, I am typically:

  1. Stretching, smiling, and ready to tackle my biggest frogs.
  2. Burying my head, grumbling, and wishing for a little longer.
  3. On my cell phone before I crawl out of bed, catching up on news and social media.

(Answer: 2. I love nothing more than a little more time in bed, but when the day must start, an outdoor walk is my favorite way to ease in to the day. I always come back feeling better.)

B. For breakfast, I typically reach for:

  1. Black coffee, 2 eggs over medium, and apple slices.
  2. Smart Start with banana and 2% milk
  3. Non-fat yogurt, cinnamon, and a protein bar.

(Answer: 1. My husband typically makes the coffee, and I sip this while getting ready. Eggs are my usual pick, for their ease, taste, and protein power.)

C. Speaking of coffee, in a typical day, I am likely to have:

  1. 1 cup; I love the stuff but everything in moderation.
  2. 3 cups; I thrive on the dark stuff.
  3. 2 cups; 1 in the morning, and another midday.

(Answer: 3. I start nearly every day with black coffee from the french press, and will often buy a second cup if I am out and about.)

jeni coffee

I love a mug of hot coffee.

D. My energy for things like paperwork, writing, and organization is typically best:

  1. First thing when I arrive at the office.
  2. Right after lunch, when I am well fueled and have had a mental break.
  3. Late at night, when I should be sleeping, is when I usually feel my most creative.

(Answer: 3. I often drag a little after lunch for seated work, and am better off engaging with clients during that time. Inspiration and motivation seems to hit late at night, albeit not every night, so I try to roll with it one night per week.)

E. If we were to hang out for Happy Hour, I would typically order:

  1. Black bean nachos and an IPA.
  2. Calamari, roasted mushrooms, and a vodka martini.
  3. Caesar salad and a seltzer water.

(Answer: 2. Lapellah, Hudson’s Bar and Grill, and Farrar’s are just a few of the great Happy Hour spots in Vancouver.)

F. To help me get to sleep at night, my nighttime routine typically includes:

  1. Washing my face, aromatherapy, a stretching and relaxation routine, and snuggles.
  2. Brushing my teeth, burrowing under the covers, and reading a book.
  3. Eating an evening snack of tea, crackers, and fruit while writing positive affirmations.

(Answer: 2. While all these rituals sound lovely, I am definitely a low maintenance girl when it comes to getting ready for bed. The only musts are tooth brushing and turning pages in a good book.)


Thanks for playing!

Stay tuned for tomorrow: The Top of My Bucket List

Jeni Gall




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