31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 21: Top 10 Favorite Foods

Food glorious food! My Top 10:

Soup. This is easily my favorite food, although it may be cheating to mention the whole category. My Top 5: Pozole (traditional Mexican stew with hominy, chilies, onions, meat, and spices), White Bean and Kale, Caldo Verde (Portuguese green soup: potato, kale, olive oil, onion, salt, and for the meat eaters, Portuguese sausage), Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato, and Tom Ka Gai (Thai chicken coconut, preferably spicy and loaded with mushrooms).

Roasted vegetables. My Top 5: Zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, carrots, and Brussels sprouts. Coconut oil, salt, cracked pepper, and a well-seasoned earthenware pan are all you need for this delicious and easy staple.

Drupes. It is difficult to pick a favorite drupe (def.  fruit in which an outer fleshy part surrounds a shell). This category includes mango, raspberries, figs, and olives, plus all these things I love:



White Rice. So simple and so very delicious. When I was in grade school, my neighbor made the BEST white rice. I don’t know what he did to that stuff, but I would hang out with his kid, raid the refrigerator, heat rice in the microwave, and load it up with butter, salt, and cracked pepper. Heaven.

Baked Potatoes. (Since we’re on the carbs.) I love how differently potatoes cook up in the oven: The crisp skin and fluffy interior of a russet, the caramelized skin and fleshy texture of a sweet potato, and the firm texture (perfect with roast beef, roast veggies, or salmon) of the reds, fingerlings, and golds.

Steamed Mussels in White Wine. I like clams, too, but mussels are my favorite. I used to eat TONS of bread with this dish; now I discreetly drink the broth with a spoon.

Ice Cream. I really love ice cream. This past fall, I started following the advice of a Naturopath and went off the sugar. I have felt So Much Better, but I really do miss ice cream.

Meatloaf & Ketchup. These are a tie, and a match made in heaven. Meatloaf is the ultimate comfort food, and ketchup I have loved since I was a little girl. (If you haven’t already, upgrade in flavor to organic ketchup!)

Corn on the Cob. This sweet, juicy, fun to eat favorite has always been on my Top 10 list. Goes well alongside a bakes potato and meatloaf.


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