Save Your Shoulders: Notes from Movement Lab Session 1

MovePT Movement Labs presents: Shoulder Injuries and Performance

Session One of Four: Tuesday, January 5


The first session in this 4-week Movement Lab series was all about NOTICING.

What makes your symptoms appear? Act up the worst? Settle down or completely disappear?

What are your limitations? What causes you pain? Are there things you simply cannot do?

What makes you feel better?


We covered 2 important Optimal Movement Strategies that will be our buildings blocks during this month of self care and healing:

  1. Even Distribution of Movement AKA SHARED LABOR. Our shoulders often do too much; our upper backs often do too little.
  2. Your Arms Move as an Extension of Your Torso. Our slinky-like “thoracic spine” is meant to move in spirals, arcs, and diagonals, and learning to move this way will lessen the stress on your SHOULDERS and your NECK.
  3. (We hinted at #3 – Stacking Your Bones. Think Superman Pose.)


We started Movement Lessons designed to get you moving in the mid-back (Arcs and Spirals) and learning to relax/dangle the arms (Ape Arms). 



  1. Come prepared with High Fives – what did you Notice? How do you participate in Self Care? What are your Successes?
  2. Do the self care strategies you already know. This is YOUR MONTH to focus on getting well!
  3. Do your movement lessons! How we move matters; learning the foundations now is key for long-term success.
  4. What practical ways have you incorporated your learning? Unloading the dishwasher? Carrying groceries? At your desk or workspace? While getting cozy for a good nights’ sleep?

See you at Session Two!

— Dr. Jeni Gall


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