31-Day Blog Challenge! Day 25: Five Favorite Blogs

5 Blogs I Love Right Now:

  1. Scientific American. With names like Beautiful Minds, Anthropology in Practice, Frontiers for Young Minds, and Food Matters, the extensive Scientific American blog (31 categories!) sucks me in every time. The website also includes a plethora of information on Sciences, Health, Technology, Sustainability, and Education, as well as videos, podcasts, and links to articles from Scientific American Magazine and Scientific American Mind.
  2. Brene Brown. This University of Houston professor has spent the last 14 years studying courage, worthiness, vulnerability and shame. She has a way of talking about powerful topics like stepping in to discomfort and getting out of your own way in a voice that is authentic, funny, and inspiring. In addition to reading her books and following her fabulous Facebook feed, I recently subscribed to her weekly “CourageBOMBS” – a Monday morning dose of thought provoking quotes from her research participants.
  3. MovNat. Natural Movement Fitness, or MovNat, is described on their website as “The Workout the World Forgot.” Every movement progression is body weight and nature inspired – traversing, crawling under, pulling up and over, and otherwise doing functional movements that are considered “natural” for humans. As a movement expert, I am so grateful for the MovNat philosophy and body of work; this group is helping bring functional movement training to the front of fitness and athletic training. I especially enjoy the Movement of the Week photo blog. Founder Erwan LeCorre: “If you don’t empower yourself, who will?” (I am taking my first training with MovNat in May and am pretty dang excited.)
  4. The Franklin Method. Eric Franklin is a Swiss dancer, movement educator, and author who uses imagery, visualization and embodied movement to teach dancers and fitness professionals about the artistry and healing nature of movement. The Franklin Method imagery is beautiful – all flowing lines and pastels and fluidity. Eric Franklin’s video blogs are simple and cover cool topics like Imagery and Movement for a Health Heart and How to Deepen Your Breath.
  5. Breaking Muscle. This is a web site devoted to sharing the good works of fitness authors and experts from all over. Hundreds of guest blogs are presented in the following categories: Learn, Train, Fuel, Win and Teach – nutrition, weight lifting, martial arts, cardio, dynamic stretching, and other topics of intrigue. Breaking Muscle is a great place for me to keep up on what is being shared right now in the fitness industry, so I can REPLICATE what I love, BUILD on what I find intriguing, and CREATE CHANGE where I see room for improvement.

Is there anything you love that would be up my alley?


Jeni Gall


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